Heelstone Core 7, bones Hebrew (teeth)
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Garry Denke
2008-09-02 15:27:17 UTC
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Heelstone Core 7, bones Hebrew (teeth)

Low class unworthy Stone Age Briton archaeologists.
Well a very long life to the German king and queen.

Heelstone Core 7, by Michael W. Pitts
Aubrey Hole 7, by Michael P. Pearson

Revealed: The 5,000-year-old, 20ft-high fence which hid Stonehenge
from its nosy Stone Age neighbours

20ft-high (6m) fence.
Garry W. Denke
Garry Denke
2008-09-02 19:39:12 UTC
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"Meanwhile, another team of scientists led by Professor Mike Parker
Pearson of Sheffield University is working on a collection of partly
cremated bones found at Stonehenge in the Thirties by amateur
archaeologists. The task has been made very difficult because the
remains have been put in two sacks and reburied in one spot. Mr Pitts
said: ‘They were the remains of 50 burials at Stonehenge which were
reburied in one hole in a complete mix-up. We think they were the
bones of 50 kings and queens and may represent burials over a period
of 1,000 years. Professor Parker Pearson has speculated that we may be
looking at a dynasty at Stonehenge."

Aubrey Hole 7, teeth (bones) German, by Michael P. Pearson
Heelstone Core 7, teeth (bones) Hebrew, by Michael W. Pitts


"During his work at Stonehenge between 1919 and 1926, William Hawley
excavated cremations from the western half of the monument (mostly
from the ditch and the Aubrey Holes [the pit circle which lies between
the stone circle and the ditch]; It seems no museum was prepared to
curate these remains, since the scientific value of cremated bone was
not appreciated in Britain at that time. In 1935, William Young and
R.S. Newall reburied an estimated 49 of the cremation deposits
excavated from Stonehenge; packed into four sandbags and accompanied
by an inscribed plaque, they were placed within the previously
excavated Aubrey Hole 7."


Low class unworthy Stone Age Briton archaeologists.
Well a very long life to the German king and queen.

Unworthy low class Briton amateurs.

by William E. Young
by Robert S. Newall


Salisbury Plain Olympic Baseball Park Fence

The ancient Salisbury Plain Olympic Baseball Park had a long fence
with many fields. All of the prehistoric Summer Olympics Baseball
players knew that. However, the long Olympic Park fields' (located
side by side along it) Fence was only 20-foot (6-meter) high. Now THAT
is some worthy 'lower class' Briton 'amateur archaeologist' news. Why
is that? Because "The Green Monster" Fence (often known simply as "The
Monster", or to natives of New England as "The Monstah") at Fenway
Park, home to the Boston Red Sox, is over 37-foot (11-meter) tall.

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So the worthy 'lower class' Briton 'amateur archaeologist' news is
this: Every ancient Summer Olympics Baseball home run, from each of
the Olympic Park fields located along the Stonehenge side (West) 20-
foot (6-meter) ancient Salisbury Plain Olympic Baseball Park (home to
the Stonehenge Yankees / Woodhenge Sox) Fence, was easier to 'slam out
of the park' than over "The Green Monster".


STONEHENGE: A Football Stadium

German "King of Stonehenge",
Ancient Olympic German.

by Garry W. Denke