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2017-02-28 21:03:10 UTC
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Mr. Amer & Dear Partners!

Our company exports and imports these products:
Export and Import:
Non-oil & Gas Products:
1- Pistachios by 4 types:
1- Akbari
2- Ahmad Aghayi
3- Fandoghi
4- Kalle Ghochi
2- Raisins typicals:
1- Sultana Raisins
2-Golden Raisins
3- Sun dry Raisins
4-Long Green Raisins
3- Walnut: Standard sort / Premium Sort

4- FIG : Grade 101AA/GradeAA/GradeA/GradeB

5- Apricot: Grades 1/2/3

6- Almond

Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Products:
Export most of the products of oil and Gas and petrochemical.

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Parsa Akbari
2017-03-27 21:31:52 UTC
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