"Let the Healing begin, Again."
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Garry Denke
2008-09-23 15:44:25 UTC
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By James Morgan, Science reporter, BBC News
"An even more precise date will be produced
in the coming months."
David Christainsen
Stonehenge Weather Vanes
Dig pinpoints Stonehenge origins
Salisbury Plain three (3) Southern parallel Mesolithic (10,000-year-
old) Stonehenge pinewood Weather Vane Poles that were constructed
inside what is now Stonehenge car park which held three (3) gutted-out
conical tube-shaped Pigskin Windsocks (wind cones) at their pole tops
is what I would be studying.
The three (3) Southern parallel Stonehenge pinewood Weather Vane Poles
and top Pigskin Windsocks were designed to measure wind direction and
relative wind speed before Northern parallel Mesolithic (10,000-year-
old) Great Cursus Snow Fence was built for Spring water generation
atop dry Stonehenge hill.
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The article feature (9,000-year-old) charcoal is secondary.
Does anyone else remember the three (3) little pigs
flapping about in that 8000 BC cold Northerly wind?
Garry Denke
So after Joseph Of Arimethea had finished building his little chapel near Glastonbury, he put the last few bits of fill in his pocket. Travelling England he came across some big stones staning in a circle. Digging under one of the stone he threw in the few bits of fill that he had in his pocket. Wandering away he giggled to himself, "In a couple of thousand years time some bleeding idiots are gonna think it wasn't built last week."
"Let the Healing begin, Again."

Dig pinpoints Stonehenge origins -

Well thank the LORD that Darvill, Wainwright, OU, Timewatch,
Smithsonian's battleside says Stonehenge is a "Place of Healing", not
succumbing to that Parker Pearson, Time Team, National Geographic's
battleside saying Stonehenge is a "Place of Death". When Joseph Of
Arimithea returns to "one of the stone he threw in the few bits of
fill that he had in his pocket", he giggles:

stone - http://www.flickr.com/photos/garrydenke/979647239
few bits - http://www.panoramio.com/photo/7529895

"Let the Healing begin, Again."

Garry Denke
2008-09-26 16:12:47 UTC
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- http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/server/show/conWebDoc.3268

- How many miles of Cursus Snow Fences are in the United Kingdom?
- Young grand kids Need to Know for their Science Projects.
- The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, The Iron Age.

- For further information contact David McOmish on 01223 556 218
- or e-mail ***@english-heritage.org.uk (working)

- Please help! Thank you!

- The Cursus - A Snow Fence?
- http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/stonehengeinteractivemap/sites/cursus/01.html
- The Cursus - A Sporting Arena?
- http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/stonehengeinteractivemap/sites/cursus/02.html
- The Cursus - A Path for the Dead?
- http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/stonehengeinteractivemap/sites/cursus/03.html

Well it took awhile in totaling The Stone Age (Mesolithic Period)
farming and ranching Cursus Snow Fence Enclosures (over 300) and their
Mesolithic Period surveying poles (over 1,800) augered then dated by
radiometrics (including Stonehenge cursuses) being 10,000 years old
(8000 BC), located in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England.

There were no Cursus Snow Fence Enclosures built during the
Paleolithic Period, none during the Neolithic Period, and none during
the Bronze Age / Iron Age in the British Isles (Ireland, Wales,
Scotland, England). All Cursus were built during the Middle Stone Age
(Mesolithic Period) before the climate 9,000 years ago (7000 BC)

Over 100 miles (160 kilometres) of Cursus,
several topped with more recent woods.

Cursus Satellite Maps

" Augering these Depressions took Time... "
- Dr. Garry Denke 1655 Diary